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 every word was once a poem (ralph waldo emerson)

dust bin

winter walk
with the white winds
my wild will

snow flurry beyond the river the cloister's lights

the village in the twilight
of time

spring dusk
a black sheep
joins the flock

night wind
in the northern woods
in the wake of
no one

heat wave
explaining my life
to a stranger

a millipede
on the toilet floor

alpine pasture
a cowpat releases
two butterflies

a plastic spoon
full of beach sand
1st day of autumn

autumn dusk
in the deciduous woods
the colors of time

the cold cold wind blows me into the blue church

winter dusk
a fly in my glass explores
the emptiness

spring morning
i take the road
towards the clouds

walked all day  
face to face now  
with the sun

The Rhythm Of the Universe

my life becomes
a dream

night wind
the rhythm
of the universe

coming closer
to where the dog barks …
autumn stars

frosty night
house by house the steam
of our talk

the empty mirror at night

autumn evening
the washing machine's
fade out

dream over
a crow calls me
into another one

the (untold) story
in a stranger's face

winter rain outside
the pub
the bitterness inside

The Fragrance of the Earth

opening the window
after lovemaking
the earth's fragrance

spring cleaning
the thin layer of dust
on my glasses

the deep red
of rosehips

lingering heat ...
out of a small shop  
the smell of the past

evening wind
the flicker in the eyes
of a pumpkin

autumn rain
the child touches my cheek
with a sponge

first snow
i listen to the sound
of the toy train

red sun
the weight
of my life

Copyright 2010 by DIETMAR TAUCHNER