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Revealing the Past  
        (Haiku in Ghent in Haiku, dedicated to Ip Man)


silent boat trip
the wind starts
revealing the past

old city walls
we are shadows
passing by

ducks start
a fight of long ago

september light
the weeping willow
drinks from the Leie

soft rain
the ferryman asks
for silence

september morning
traffic noise pierces
the fortress walls

along the Leie
in a facade's window
an errected man

at the end of the historic canal a skyscraper

the weeping willow
and its reflection

the silver statue of a man
i don't know

historic city
a worker sings
a pop song

ancient ghent
the secret life
inside the buildings

medieval city
a construction crane
touches the sky

september light
behind broken windows a touch
of ancient worlds



copyright Dietmar Tauchner