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first date
the sound of the motor
between us

her sms  lilac scent

1st birdsong
the light lovers
touch each other

she asks me
if i love her
evening star

in bed
the gap between us fills
with spring light

heaven's gate
I into U

alone with her …
a cloud comes closer
to the mountain top

deep night
beside me
in a dream
of my galaxy

in love
the stars

summer rain
a new lover's scent
on my skin


(Seperation Sequence)

The following poems have been written around one year ago after a separation, and i published most of them as a single poem and as 3-liners in various places; recently i tried to make a little sequence of them, and used the oneline form to achieve the effect of a "»lineal syncopation«....

blaming sometime the rain became snow
 alone again noticing the cobweb in a hidden corner
  she’s gone sharing the double bed with the tomcat
   dreamt of my ex the anger
    swallows depart she comes back to get her things
my DVDs without the player after she left
our flat’s empty rooms the moon lights them all
moon gazing how long I want after she left
she's gone the blue blue snow

birdsong in the gap of the couple's argument

cold autumn morning
the old couple
coughs to each other

last hug her hair holds the fall light

winter rain
she talks
of old loves

first meeting
with her parents
the window's frostwork

dense snowfall
between her lines
something untold

after the quarrel
my eyes captured
by the fall rain

between the years
the blue smoke
out of her mouth



first fine day
i start again
the hunt for love

the stewardess pulls at
her skirt

first snow
staying in bed
with a horn

low spring sun
a strange girl enters
my shadow

subway girl so close so far

boughs sway
in the autumn wind ...
erotic thoughts

1st warm day
my colleague's
tight pink shirt



winter night
where her face was
an open book

winter dawn light
her blue skin
before I touch

her long hair
the slightest scent
of the sea

apple blossoms
your fragrance
in my mind

the void she leaves …
a honeybee enters
an apple blossom

sea of stars
beyond blizzard clouds
my love for you


first snow
the scent of roses
on her skin

last kiss
the smell of hay
in her hair

snow over night
where her car was parked
still green grass

she & buddha smiling after sex

alone in the bedroom window venus


separation …
the alarm
brings her back


eye contact
the crackle
of my leather jacket

in a dream light lovers without shadows


Dietmar Tauchner