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My Rainbow Hair


plans for the future …
the sky full 
of past
back to the beginning
of time
treetops within wind 
while we pursue 
war raging somewhere  
taken along from the subway 
a girl's look
early in the morning
between bedroom & future 
bird twitter
through april rain
the way of school children
long long night
the winter sends dreams
guiding to quanta places 
through times back to beginning
until the morning
the place where i raised up
meadows  & woods
within blue light
Doppler effect
of my wandering self
on a meadow
where I used to play as a child
a soft green sky
for a few points of time
I know who am I in the breeze
fall drizzle
in the rear view mirror 
a girl combs her hair
in the rear view mirror
fall drizzle
in the city zoo 
between a gorilla & me 
3% dna difference 
the outcome of this is
war & poetry
our short lives
a vortex lasts a century
on jupiter
fulminating & fulminating
above our end
long winter night  shadow of time
at dusk in the mirror
the spectrum of light
i gather my thouhgts
and comb my rainbow hair
coupling cats 
the ease of their steps
into a joyful night
where still quanta traces
of my birth may remain
autumn rain within
the ringing of cowbells
i walk along the path
to the village cemetery
to see my heritage