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The War & Peace Pieces


a key fell into snow purple dawn in iraq
   all these unknown names of warriors on the memorial for a forgotten fight
      carving the peace sign on thin ice


the lingering night at daybreak in the soldier's casket

   the child's eyegreen beyond the barbed wire

      all the violence is gone when your tongue enters my mouth


scorpion & frog still crossing the lake
   god's warriors in blind love with the devil

       dinner time the radio news reminds me that i'm mortal too


only old people living in the ruined village

   within the landscape's beauty smoke of a bomb

      news of destruction lacing my nike tighter


after the attack a toy cup filled with rubbish in the blazing sunshine

   from one moon to another sunrise humans remaining beasts to humans

      awareness the weapon of peace

the true face of destruction after the battle unseen by the propagandists

  unexpected the chinese customs officer's smile
      back since years the veteran's daily struggle with his family


an eye for an eye blossoms on the tree of life unseen

   pregnant the father a soldier who rapped her

      trapped in civilisation the next clash to come


peace talks the big gap between words & body language

   the blue sea seen through a hole in the helmet of an absent hero

      tv documentation the dictator's speech only in black & white

Dietmar Tauchner