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Invisibe Tracks: Haiku & quanta poems engages us with a many-layered  world in which the old and the new, the small and the great, the mundane and the fabulous dance together unhindered. Tauchner wears his considerable intelligence lightly.  A sense of wonder, even awe, pervades these poems yet humour is never far away. Tauchner is the haiku poet writing at “the point of intersection of the timeless with time" .
Lorin Ford, haiku editor - A Hundred Gourds

 Foreword by George Swede
 Review by Deborah P Kolodji










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An ambidextrous poet, equally effective in German and English, Dietmar Tauchner is an energetic contributor to the cause of haiku as world literature. Noise of our Origin presents the dreams and reality of a night that rarely comes closer to daylight than dawn or dusk. Confabulating the source of words and cosmic noise, it is like a radio tuned purposefully between stations and interpreted with a discerning ear.

John Stevenson, Managing Editor of The Heron's Nest

Dietmar Tauchner’s haiku reaches beyond earth-bound nature and contemplates the interpenetration of the cosmos in the human heart and mind. Tauchner is thus fast becoming a poet of the invisible world of Quantum and Space/Time science. But in this he is a poet of witness: of how the greater cosmos impinges on the life of the ordinary individual. In the personal office of this witness he is more a disciple of the Classical poets, Issa and Basho, than many of his contemporaries in the current field of haiku.

John W. Sexton

Review by Lorin Ford
Review by Michael Rehling





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These exceptional haiku have been composed with great skill. 
Tauchner has used words and syntax that are easily broken
through so that we can travel with him on a journey that takes us 
as far into our emotions as it does out to the material
world that gives rise to them.

Christopher Herold

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review by Klaus-Dieter Wirth




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Night Nautic, I really enjoyed it. I really like this piece. It works perfectly for me, both with its surface meaning and also with its psychological resonance of memory and dream.

John W. Sexton

Night Nautic is a wonderful read. Very surreal and full of imagery. I was reminded of the paintings of Paul Delvaux as I was reading.

Kilmeny Niland



schnee by dietmar tauchner & bernd bechtloff - cd release
"schnee" -
an exceptional audio book has been released in late november. 
blixa bargeld, singer of the einstuerzende neubauten and bass player at nick cave and the bad seeds, and others reciting poems by dietmar tauchner in a modern, unexpected, ecstatic and sensual way.
in combination with the excellent music by bernd bechtloff, "schnee" is the soundtrack of a sonorous silence. the album "schnee" introduces snow as the 5th element, as a broad screen for the psyche. "schnee" is a secret path to the virtual dimensions of being. now you may listen to the snow to warm up your mind.
available at -
or at  -
outtakes from the cd at